1. Parish Ministry

Any work we do in the parish is our co-operation with the pastoral ministry of the local churches in its pastoral, liturgical, catechetical and spiritual fields.

2. Family Apostolate

The signs of the time tell us that family apostolate should e one of the main areas of our concern. This is our participation in the redemptive mission of Christ who encountered the sinners, the sick and dying in their own families, healed them and brought them to the love of the Father.


3. Social Apostolate

Our social apostolate is the continuation of the ministry of Jesus, his reaching out to the poor, the sick, and the marginalized. Like Jesus, we too are sent into this world to preach the good news to the poor, to proclaim release to the captives and liberty to the oppressed (Lk 4: 18).

Social Apostolate

4. Mission Apostolate

We are conscious of our duty to proclaim the Good News to all people, and so we keep the missionary spirit constantly alive (PC, 20). This shows our special concern to prepare the minds of people in un-evangelised areas for the reception of the Good news by our presence and charitable activities.

Mission Apostolate mandya-mission-station-koppa

5. Healing Apostolate

Our healing ministry is our participation in the healing mission of Christ. We bear witness to Christ by serving the sick with the compassionate love of Jesus.

Healing Apostolate nursing-care

6. Education Apostolate

Our goal of education apostolate is to participate creatively in the teaching mission of Christ who taught the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. It is directed towards the formation of the human person for the fulfillment of one’s individual and social responsibilities. Through this ministry we attempt to mould good persons devoted to family and loyal to Society, Nation and the Church.

  Education Apostolate

7. Preaching Apostolate

The world was created by god for sharing his joy with every creature. Jesus himself became the Good News of peace and joy to all humanity. Our preaching ministry is sharing and preaching this Good News in and through our life and ministries.

8. Domestic Apostolate

This is sharing the humble and silent works of the hidden life of the Holy Family performing various domestic tasks realizing that, thus, we co-operate building up the Kingdom of God and thus grow in holiness.