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    EIKON is a project for the children run by the Society of Kristudasis (SKD). Itaims the children be molded into the Leadership of Jesus, the Perfect Leader, world has ever seen.

Today, the human race is involved in a new stage of history. Profound and rapid changes are spreading around the whole world. Triggered by the intelligence and creative energies of man, these changes recoil upon him, upon his decisions and desires, and upon his manner of thinking and acting. Hence it is timely and relevant to think of a true cultural and social transformation in the society. We plan this change molding the children, the hope of the future.  There is a need for a well-designed intervention to ignite the minds of students, thereby placing them on a higher path of human achievement, with their inner energies unleashed and channelized. It was with this underlying premise of ‘focused intervention’ that Eikonwas conceptualized and launched.

EIKON MOTTOJourneying towards Truth.

EIKON VISION: A new generation molded in the Leadership of Jesus according to His image and likeness.

EIKON MISSION: Eikon provides proper and intense high energy training programs for the students to unleash leadership and to become highly effective persons. Eikon ensures the blossoming of the inherent capabilities and hidden potential within the growing generation. Itmobilizes the children tobuild up character and instill values that generate in them confidence to be competitive and productive in the contemporary society.

Background of the project

This project arises from our own experience of 37 years in the fields of our pastoral, family, School, counseling and social ministries and our special endeavors in Christeen retreats. We also realize the crisis situations which block the growth and development of the children in our society from social medias, reports of Child line, child welfare committee and survey reports of government departments and journals. Some of our findings are:

  1. Social Medias adversely affect the growth of children. According to the survey report of 2014 of National Institute of Mental Health Science (NIMHANS, Bangalore) 73% of teenagers from 13-17 years of age are addicted to FaceBook and Internet in the major cities in Kerala.  This adversely affects the academic performance of students.
  2. Sexual exploitation of children at home, school and public places are increasing. In a study on child abuse by the ministry of Women And Child Development, Govt. of India in 2007, Kerala reports: 43.9% of girls and 56.1% of boys reported physical abuse, 55.4%  boys and 44.9% girls reported sexual abuse.
  3. Care and protection of children at home are threatened due to family conflicts, separation of parents and drug abuse.
  4. Consumerism and advertisements lead the children towards craze for luxury.703 children below 12 years lost their lives in motor accidents in 2007.
  5. Lack of value education in schools and families deteriorate human qualities in children.
  6. Lack of spiritual basis like performance in the church and participation in catechism etc. lead the children to delinquent behavior.
  7. Newspapers reports that children committing murder and rape by consuming intoxicant drugs and taking to stealing motor bikes, computers, electronic goods from home, schools etc.
  8. Development of aggressive behaviors in children is increasing.
  9. Around 100 children below 15 years commit suicide in Kerala every year as per data provided by the National Crime Bureau. Media reports 21 children lost their lives in cases of family suicide in the state in between 6 to 31 January 2011.
  10. 14 to 20 % of the child population is suffering from some or the other forms of emotional disturbances.

These endless numbers of challenges our young generation faces today point to a ‘diagnostic’ sign, a marker that indicates the health of families, society and the entire world. Eikon is our response to this signs of the time.

What is Eikon?

The Greek word Eikon denotes an image and involves two ideas of representation and manifestation (2Cor 4: 4). Jesus is the image of God means that Jesus is essentially and absolutely the perfect representation and manifestation of the Father. Eikon designates the image of the Son of God into which true Christians are to be transformed. When the humans are transformed into the ‘image’ they are becoming like Christ, the image of God.

    Eikon is a specially designed project for the children of 7 – +2 standard in view of renewing family, society, Church and the world molding the children into the image and likeness of Jesus the Perfect Leader.

Conceptual Basis

One of the main areas of the concern of the Society of Kristudasis is family apostolate (statutes no.59). It is in the family that the children, who determine the future of the society, church and the country, are born and brought up. We have the duty to help the children to find out their God given uniqueness and thus to help them to grow into the personality of Jesus who is fully Human. In this attempt we especially take into our heart the motto of our Founder Father  “until Christ is formed in you” (Gal 3:18). Incorporating into the vision of our Founder Father  the SKD takes pain until Christ is formed in the children. Eikon is a process to that effect.

    Eikon leads the children “attain truth by way of reason because, enlightened by faith, they discover the deeper meaning of all things and most especially of their own existence” (FR, 16). This project intends to bring the children to a right relationship with God and thus guide them to be goal oriented. “This is to say that with the light of reason human beings can know which path to take, but they can follow that path to its end, quickly and unhindered, only if with a rightly tuned spirit they search for it within the horizon of faith” (FR, 16).

Expected Results

The student:

  • Achieves effective study Habits
  • Builds self confidence
  • Recognizes  human potential
  • Becomes more interactive in group
  • Improves a lot in communication
  • Becomes goal oriented in life
  • Organizes programs in the society as leaders
  • Becomes socially accepted citizens by enhancing their RQ, IQ, EQ, and SQ
  • Learns effective public speaking
  • Becomes trained to be God oriented in all his life experiences


Children are gifts of God; they are signs of God’s love for the world. They are vibrant human resources, if properly channelized they would improve the nation to realize its constitutional goals.  The procedure of Eikon is an intense interactive high energy program to help students unleash leadership and become highly effective persons. This specially designed training program gives them an in depth insight into leadership styles and how to lead change.

The words of Pope Francis ensure the urgency and relevance of our project for the children. The Gospel of St. Luke describes: The angel announces to the shepherds:  “This will be a sign for you: you will find a child…” (Lk2: 12). “Today too children are a sign; … a ‘diagnostic’ sign, a marker indicating the health of families, society and the entire world. Wherever the children are accepted, loved, cared for and protected, the family is healthy, society is more healthy and the world is more human” (Homily, 25th May 2014). This inspires us to be like Mary and Joseph who welcomed Jesus and cared for him with love…” He further asks if we are ready to be there for children, to “waste time’ with them? Are we ready to listen to them, to care for them, to pray for them and be with them?” Yes, the SKD has come up with the project of Eikon to respond.

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